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Damaged iPhone Screen – What To Do

The most dreadful sound has just hit your ears, your heart throbs as you reach out to pick your precious iPhone that just had a screen to hard floor collision. Two options, its screen is safe or is broken. Sadly, it’s the latter. Before going into full panic mode here’s a variety of options you can look upon for your iPhone screen repair, to ensure that you retain the sleek look of your beautiful iPhone.

  • Get it to apple for repair- This, of course, would be the best approach when looking for the best iPhone repair services. However, screen repair may not be covered by your warranty, and thus you might have to part with some money. If you have AppleCare+, you will be lucky since it covers two cases of accidental damage. Usually, you should have your phone back in 3-5 business days.
  • Online repair service- If you want to avoid the hustle of taking your phone to the repair shop, this a great solution as you can use the courier services. In some cases, you can use postage to deliver your phone to online service providers. You can easily find these providers by browsing the However, you should ask for their terms of services before signing up the contract.
  • Local shopping areas (high street retailers) – You can also decide to take the 3rd party repair option. Depending on the Apple retailer that you visit, this option can significantly lower the cost of your repairs. The thing to point out here is that some retailers may not use genuine apple spare parts and so you have to inquire first about the type of spare parts used. The advantage of this option is that you have a physical address to visit in case of unsatisfactory
  • Get home repair for your device- With this option, you can get your phone back within 3-5 hours. This eliminates data security concerns since you can quickly restore your data after the repairs. However, the service providers may at times be limited to a specific area, and so you will have to find a local company that can serve you. Also, it is vital that you confirm the types of iPhone brands they can repair since most companies find it hard to fix the newest iPhone brands.
  • Do it yourself repairs (DIY) – This is where you decide to fix the iPhone on your own. Some people use YouTube tutorials to do this, while others find the written guides on phone repair websites very useful. However, you must ensure that you have the genuine spare parts as well as the right tools to get the job done. Although this is a risky option, some people have successfully fixed their iPhones on their own. However, if you are not up to the task, we would advise you not to try this option as it might mark the end of your luxurious iPhone.

These options will give you a smooth ride on the roadway of the recovery of your iPhone. Prevention, of course, is better… purchase of screen protectors is an excellent way of protecting your screen. Do not forget data may be lost during repairs, so make sure to store it on iCloud.


  1. Jen
    Jen February 1, 2019

    I’d always opt for a local high street as most of us rely on our phones 247 and usually you just have to wait or come back soon after.

  2. Thomas
    Thomas January 22, 2020

    Thanks for sharing, worth the read.

    It is ashame that the phones break to easily.

  3. Chris
    Chris December 22, 2020

    Unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn’t suggest trying a DIY repair. Chances are you’ll make it worse haha

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